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  • T50 Racing Sloop Athena

    Athena, named for my daughter, is a 50 inch remote control racing sloop designed by Will Lesh and available as a kit from Tippecanoe Boats. The sloop stands at nearly 8 feet tall. I highly recommend Will's kits and thank him for his advice during the build process. I also must thank Carl Miller from Hawaii who provided me encouragment, tips, and the inspiration for many of the modifications I made to Will's design that were based on his T50 Aurora.


  • HMS Victory

    Victory was in active service of the British Navy from 1765-1812 and is in my opinion the most noteworthy warship of the modern era. Victory was Lord Horatio Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar on 21 October 1805, in which the British fleet defeated the combined forces of France and Spain. Lord Nelson was killed during the battle. Victory was 186 feet in length along the gun deck and carried 104 guns. Her compliment was 821.


  • La Gloire

    La Gloire is a classic French 34-gun frigate built in 1778 in St. Malo. La Gloire was 143 feet in length and carried 26 12-pound cannons on her main deck, along with 4 6-pound cannons and 4 carronades on her main deck. La Gloire was captured by His Majesty’s Ship Astraea of 32 guns after a close action of 58 minutes on 11 April 1795 in the English Channel. Her compliment was 280.


  • US Brig Niagara

    Niagara was in service of the US Navy during the war of 1812. Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry took command of Niagara during an engagement with a British squadron on Lake Erie on September 10, 1813, when his flagship the Lawrence became crippled. Aboard Niagara, Commodore Perry went on to defeat the British forces. Niagara was 123 feet in length and carried 18 32 pound carronades and 2 12 pound cannons. Her compliment was 155.


  • San Giovanni Battista

    San Giovanni Battista (St. John the Baptist) is a Spanish style galleon of the year 1688.


Model ship building

During the winter I enjoy building wooden model ships. To date I have built:

  1. T-50 Racing Sloop Athena

  2. HMS Victory from 1805 in 1:78 scale

  3. French 34 gun frigate La Gloire from 1788 in 1:90 scale

  4. US Brig Niagara from 1812 in 1:64 scale
  5. Spanish galleon San Giovanni Battista from 1688 in 1:50 scale

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